Welcome to The Writing Ranch


The Writing Ranch offers online classes, one-on-one coaching, story development and manuscript editing. 


At The Writing Ranch, we create writers.


Hi, I'm Deb McLeod and I've been coaching writers for more than 15 years. Studying my student's processes and habits as well as my own, I've come up with a flexible model to tell the story you always wanted to tell. I can show you how to take your idea, find your material, and develop it into your novel or memoir. Working with me, you will get your story on paper and learn the process for the next time. 

I'm currently running my pilot program called Write a Better Novel, Faster! Look for this to be live and offered to the public early in 2016. Shape Your Novel will also be coming online. If you have a draft that isn't quite working or have a mass of scenes that you don't quite know how to shape into a novel, this is the class for you. 

In January, 2016, I'll bring my Writing Circles online in the Spilling Ink! class. 

The NaNo Prep Countdown was an enormous success and I want to thank all those that took a chance and signed up.